Indigo virtual receptionist

Say hello to Indigo, a virtual receptionist AI system, developed by Snapwire Software that uses facial recognition and voice activation – kind of like Siri or Alexa but with a business purpose. I was lucky enough to be involved at the very beginning of Indigo's journey, designing myriad of items ready for its maiden 2022 launch.


The brief was far reaching including design and input into branding, graphical user interface (GUI), promotional video, advertising, email and website, investor decks and even the name! 



The logo design formed a key part of the branding and an animation device for the GUI.


Indigo's software runs behind the scenes and interacts with the user via camera and microphone, displaying results onto a monitor. This is the GUI user experience when using Indigo.

Indigo's phased design launch will eventually display 80s retro games such as Space Invaders while in rest mode!

Demo scenario video produced pre-launch when

the system was still in development.


Bespoke client automatic email notification design for large screens and mobile.


Desk display stand with business card slot.


Part of the presentation to investors was this initial 'pitch-on-a-page' PDF document.