ODEON Cinemas

ODEON gave me opportunity to collaborate on website launches, brand and tone-of-voice guidelines, new cinema campaigns, billboard advertising, bus vinyl, flyers, newspaper adverts, pop-corn packaging and even pre-film screen commercials. The creatives would include designing alongside some major film franchises including James Bond: 007, Shrek, Harry Potter and Spider-man to name but a few with approval required from leading distributors such as Dreamworks, SONY Pictures and Paramount Pictures.



Quad poster and foyer advertising design for the launch of the ODEON Premier seat.


Editions of ODEONSCREEN, the now defunct free in-cinema magazine.


Promotional foyer concessions quad artwork and advance booking campaign for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.


London Film Festival brochure advertising, bringing ODEON's Fanatical About Film strapline to life, using Brokeback Mountain creative cues, and advance online booking promotional advertising for the Metro newspaper.


ODEON Kids proposition leaflet and family of sub-brand logos.


Chatham cinema launch collateral, 6 sheet poster and newspaper insert.